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Ganims Ladies Night 2014

June 25, 2014

On Thursday July 17th from 6pm-830pm, Ganims Garden Center & Florist will host its 3rd Annual Ladies Night!




Ladies Night Flyer2014


Ganim’s is turning 75!!

September 18, 2013

Ganim's is turning 75!!

Ladies Night- Thursday July 18th

July 2, 2013


Announcing our Holiday Workshops\Classes!

November 8, 2012

WINTER CLASSES OFFERED AT GANIMS- the below are the classes that we offer at Ganims Garden Center and Florist. You can sign up for one of the below dates or host your own class on your own date.     Call 203-333-5662 to register or host your own class. You can also email  for dates to host your own class or to sign up for the classes listed below!

        Wreath Making Beyond Balsam Class                    

Forget the high end catalogs.  Start with a 12 inch metal frame and construct your own winter-season wreath using a variety of natural evergreen material. Abandon preconceived notions and create your own combinations using Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, Concolor Fir, Berried Juniper, Pine, Eucalyptus and more! Bring your wreath home for proud display. $50.00 per person.    Class dates are Wednesday December 5th 2012 or Tuesday December 11th 2012 from 7pm-9pm.

Boxwood Tree Making Class

If you’ve received a boxwood tree for the holidays, you probably never imagined how one is made. Now you can actually come to our class and make a beautiful tree, guided by our expert staff. Create a centerpiece that will last for weeks. Learn what it takes to make a tree and add decorations to match your décor. Class includes container, oasis foam, boxwood greens, pruners, and instruction!  $40.00 per person     Class date: Wednesday December 12th 2012  from 7pm-830pm

Wreath Decorating Classes

Come and Decorate a fresh handmade door wreath (12” ring size) for your front door or garage. Create your own masterpiece by using Pine Cones, Statice, Gold or Red Berries, Colored Balls and more! Adorn with a hand made bow (colors vary) and bring your wreath home for proud display.     $35.00 per person       Class date: Thursday December 13th 2012  from 7pm-9pm

 Design a Masterpiece For Your Table This Holiday

Come and design a spectacular centerpiece for all your holiday needs. Create your own holiday centerpiece using fresh greens such as Balsam, Pine, Incense Cedar, Berried Juniper, Cedar, and more. Add candles to complete your masterpiece and dress up with fresh cut flowers, pine cones, berries, ribbon and more! Don’t forget to water daily and enjoy through the holiday season!     $40.00 per person.       Class date: Tuesday December 18th 2012  from 7pm-830pm

Call 203-333-5662 to register or host your own class

You can also email  for dates or to sign up for class!

After the Storm

November 5, 2012

After The Storm
Hopefully, everyone is safe and recovering after this extreme hundred year storm.
We’ve been asked about things you can do for your lawn and yard, after getting your life back in order.
Make sure to pick up broken branches, and begin to clean-up of twigs and leaves from your yard.
If you have experienced flooding, especially from salt or brackish water, your trees and shrubs will
probably have a high concentration of salt, which can also damage lawn areas.

The best solution to dissolve the salt and percolate it through the soil would be to apply Gypsum, or CaS
(Calcium sulphate) to your lawn and around trees and shrubs. One application may not be enough, (a second application may be necessary in a couple of weeks, weather providing) nor is it a guarantee that the gypsum will resolve your situation.

Another alternative plan, is to wait until the salt water has left your yard\shrubs\trees, and slowly begin to run your sprinkler\soaker hoses to help dilute the salt.

We recommend delaying the application if your ground is still covered by water, or if the ground is saturated. The water table is high and you will need to be patient and wait for the water to work its way through the soil.

We will probably have to wait until spring to realize how many lawns, trees and shrubs will rebound and return to life. It looks like we are in for a snowy winter, which will be beneficial in the recovery process, as my Dad once said snow and rain are poor man’s fertilizer.

Is it Winter?

January 27, 2012

What a difference a year makes, just think back to the deluge of snow we had this time last year. The poor plants might just need therapy if this weather continues, and there’s not a thing we can do about it. But, winter is not over yet and February and March can be a bear, and don’t forget April snows we’ve had in the past. We have a theory that our weather calendar has been moved up a notch, so anything can happen.

This weather pattern tests our patience and eagerness to start seeds and look forward to an early spring. Beware of the Ides of March, our normal planting season start date; even the poor pansies shiver at the thought of exposure to obscene weather conditions.

So, be patient, don’t get too anxious to get ahead and start those tomato plants, even if you can taste them by looking at the seed packet photo. Nature has a way of making up for bad weather and we tend to rush the season. The later you plant warm season plants, the better they do! Think Warm soil, Hot sunshine, Dry days!



Cleanup after Irene…..

August 29, 2011


Ok, so your power is out, your TV doesn’t work, and if you have an electric stove, no coffee. Now your gas grill has a daily obligation for some grilled delicacies from your freezer selection. Keep the faith; it will probably be a while for some folks, since there is excessive tree damage and lots of downed lines.

So, what should you do with all your downtime in your yard? Avoid downed lines, just to be safe. Prune any broken branches on your manageable trees and shrubs. Wait until your perennials and vegetable plants dry off before pruning or staking them. Pick up all fruit on the ground, your green tomatoes will still ripen on your window sill.

Keep off your lawn if possible, except to remove debris and fallen leaves. You have plenty of time to cut your lawn later in the week. Delay applying fall fertilizer, new seed or running equipment over the soggy soil. We received a months’ worth of precipitation in the last day or so. Turn off your sprinkler systems if you are lucky to have not lost your power.

Be patient and smart, it’s not the end of the world. Plants are very resilient and need a drying out period to recover to pre storm conditions. We will be bringing in mums and assorted fall flowers for the Labor Day weekend. As we experienced last year, the hot weather has delayed bud set and bloom by at least two weeks.

A landscaping note, if you are in need of a tree or shrub that you have lost in the storm, we have a tremendous supply of mature trees and shrubs for planting this fall. Fall is really the best time to plant any of your favorite trees or shrubs. Fall is also the best time to renovate your lawn if needed.

Stop in for all your planting needs, we have anything you need to fix up your yard and the best advice in the business.

Hoping everyone fared well through this storm.

The Ganim family and staff.